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Ordinary Loan

Interest Rate: 11.75%

Purchase Loan

Interest Rate: 11.75%

Short Term Loan

Interest Rate: 11.25%

Festival Loan

FESTIVAL LOAN is aimed to provide financial assistance to Members in order to celebrate the occasions of joy in their life such as Local Festivals, Festivals of States, etc.

Education Loan

Any Member can apply for Loan. Maximum loan amount is 50000

Treatment Loan

Treatment Loan to the tune of Rs. 50,000/- can be granted for the following illness: Bypass Surgery, Leprosy, T.B, Cancer, Transplantation of Kidney, Paralysis, Diabetics & Hospitalization due to accident or prolonged illness etc.

Solar Installation Loan

Interest Rate: 11.25%

Vehicle Loan

Interest Rate: 11.5%